Fredorch Sex Machine Dildos Attachments Big Flesh Dildos For Vac-u-lock Love Machine Suitable for All Machines In The Shop

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Brand Name fredorch Origin CN(Origin)
Size 1PCS Material TPE
Item Type Dildos Model Number DILDOS
VAC-U-Lock Dildo for sex machine big dildos Premium Sex machine Attachment

Fredorch Sex Machine Attachments big black dildos for vac-u-lock love Machine

F001:(standard dildo) Total Length: 21cm ,Insertable Length: 15cm ,Diameter: 4cm,net weight 315g;
F002:(standard dildo) Total Length: 19cm ,Insertable Length: 15cm ,Diameter: 4cm,net weight 260g;
F003:(standard dildo) Total Length: 19cm ,Insertable Length: 15cm ,Diameter: 4cm,net weight 235g;
F004:(standard dildo) Total Length: 21cm ,Insertable Length: 15cm ,Diameter: 4cm,net weight 360g;
F005:(Small dildo) Total Length: 21.5cm ,Insertable Length: 15cm ,Diameter: 3.5cm,net weight 320g;
F006:(Small dildo) Total Length: 20cm ,Insertable Length: 16cm ,Diameter: 3.5cm,net weight 240g;
F007:(big dildo) Total Length: 23cm ,Insertable Length: 18.5cm ,Diameter: 4.5cm,net weight 480g;
F008:(standard dildo) Total Length: 25.5cm ,Insertable Length: 19cm ,Diameter: 4.2cm,net weight 430g;
F009:(standard dildo) Total Length: 20.5cm ,Insertable Length: 18cm ,Diameter: 3.8cm,net weight 380g;
F010:(standard dildo) Total Length: 25cm ,Insertable Length: 19.5cm ,Diameter: 4cm,net weight 440g;
F011:(big dildo) Total Length: 26.5cm ,Insertable Length: 21.5cm ,Diameter: 4.5cm,net weight 630g;
F012:(Super big dildo) Total Length: 26cm ,Insertable Length: 19cm ,Diameter: 5.8cm,net weight 860g;
F013:(Super big dildo) Total Length: 29.5cm ,Insertable Length: 23cm ,Diameter: 6.6cm,net weight 1100g;
F014:(big black dildo)22cm in length and 4.7cm in diameter,weight 550g;
F020:(3XLR Connector) Total Length: 8cm ,Diameter: 1.5cm,net weight 40g;
F021:(Spring Attachment) Total Length: 12.5cm ,Diameter: 2cm,net weight 150g;
F022:(Suction Cup) Total Length: 6cm ,Diameter: 9cm,net weight 100g; the dildos suction cup need diameter is 0-8.5cm;
F022S:(Extra-Large Suction Cup) Total Length: 5.5cm ,Diameter: 9.8cm,net weight 112g; the dildos suction cup need diameter is 0-9.5cm;
F023:(Vibrator Clamp) can Clamp Diameter:0-5cm,net weight 110g;
F024:(Extension Tube) Total Length: 30cm ,net weight 250g;
F025:(Vac-U-Lock Dildo) Total Length: 12cm ,Insertable Length: 9.5cm ,Diameter: 2.5cm,net weight 120g;
F026:(Double Quick Connector) Total Length: 10cm ,Diameter: 9cm,net weight 250g;
F027:(Double Vac-U-Lock dildos) can dly dildos:net weight 500g;
F028:(Male Masturbation Cup) Total Length: 26CM: Insertable Length: 13cm ,Max Width: 6CM:Net Weight: 560g;
F029:(Wired controller for F6 / F6 plus / F7);
F030:(Super Suction Cup just for sex machine F8);
F031:(Hook Shape Masturbator Pole)Total Length: 55cm or 21.65'';
F032:(Fist Dildo);Total Length: 26.5x9cm ,960G
F033:(Super Anal plug);Total Length: 20.5x7CM,670G

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